28th November 2018 PROGRAM



Organising Chairperson : Dr. Ranjan Agrawal
Organising Secretary: Dr. Nitesh Mohan
Workshop 1 Surgical Pathology Grossing Techniques Hands on Training
National Coordinator: Dr. Chandralekha S Tampi
Local Coordinators: Dr. Vibhuti Goyal, Dr. Cheena Garg
Workshop 2: Infectious Disease Pathology – Hands on training and slide viewing
National Coordinator: Dr. Sharada Rane
Local Coordinators: Dr. Anjana Arya, Dr. G D Katiyar
Workshop 3: Workshop on Bone Marrow Morphology
National Coordinator : Dr. Tejinder Singh
Local Co-ordinators: Dr. Mithila Bisht and Dr. Divya Bajpai
CME on Endocrine (Non- Thyroidal) Pathology with special emphasis on Infertility
Local Co-ordinator: Dr. Shweta Agarwal and Dr. S S Chawla

* If you want to participate in Workshop 1 and Workshop 3, then please drop an e-mail to We will allot you seat against cancellations. you will be notified through e-mail